Duke Nukem fan short shakes it, baby

Every game from Doom to Silent Hill, Resident Evil to Mortal Kombat. When’s Duke Nukem going to get some Hollywood love?

Maybe never, let’s be real here, but leave it to some talented fans to bring gaming’s wisecracking badass to life. The filmmakers put up the three minute clip, The Duke – Fate of Humanity, on YouTube on Christmas day.

As Duke would say: “What are you waiting for? Christmas?” He’d also say “Your face. Your ass. What’s the difference?” and “Eat sh*t and die!” Yeah…

The clip is more of a tease than a short film, really, with most of the action only being hinted at. In fact, I think half of the short is devoted to a sexy dance, so I hope you’re into that kind of thing. The folks behind the film tell Ripten they “would love nothing more” than to shoot a feature length film, “one with good action.”

They should consider Mark Wahlberg for Duke, don’t you think?

Duke Nukem Fan Made Movie Kicks Ass, Chews Bubblegum [Ripten]

Nick Chester