DtoidUK at the Tekken PAL King of Iron Fist tournament

This past weekend saw the Tekken 6 King of Iron Fist Tournament for PAL territories, and DtoidUK was there in full force to support and thoroughly enjoy the open bar for press.

PAL territories included the majority of European countries and Australia, so the tournament saw 15 representatives from 15 countries coming together to compete. Whoever won would be taking home £2,500 in prize money (roughly $3000), a new TV, and (of course) a place in the world finals in Japan.

For many of DtoidUK this was there first time getting hands on with Tekken 6, and many were pleasantly surprised (since Street Fighter had been 2009 Beat ’em up of choice) and even more so when the PR’s gave the winner of Anus Mcphanus’s mini Dtoid Tournament a copy of the game and a PS3 arcade stick.

However button-bashing did appear to the key, as fist time Tekken 6 player, Sands, won the tournament. She gave her prize to Justice since she didn’t own a PS3, and felt guilty for picking the most broken character, Christie, and button bashing to win. (All legs and no fists!)

Yet, after a whole afternoon of competing and trying to flirt with foreign players in my broken Spanish (which was really me just speaking louder and slower and hoping they understood) France was proclaimed the winner, and will be representing Europe in the grand finale. Good luck France!

A big thank you to Malcor for this pretty amazing video of DtoidUK getting sexy at Tekken. Check out the brillaint DtoidUK Flickr account here. Want to join DtoidUK to meet fellow gamers? Then send me a private message to get involved!

Hollie Bennett