Dtoid wants your videos: CTZ pwnz Super Mario World

A short while ago, Orcist asked you to send in your best and most hardcore gaming moments. Today, I step up to the challenge and present to you my video of me gaining 9,999,990 points and 999 lives in Super Mario World for the GBA. No cheats or mods were used at all, I just have no life … My original goal was to just reach 999 lives. After accomplishing that, I noticed my overall points was at five million something. So then I said, f*ck it and went on to gain the max points possible. I think it took me about 3 weeks off and on to reach the other five million I needed. Grand total of play time though, I’d have to guess it took a span of four months. Again, I played off an on, so I really have no idea. I’m horrible at guessing time frames. Got a video you want to show off? Then send it to Orcist.

Hamza Aziz