Dtoid vs. Ekans? Make it in Sketchnation Shooter!

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Sketchnation Shooter is a new game hitting the App Store on April 6. It’s basically a shoot ’em up maker where you can put whatever you like in the game and make it hurl bullets at stuff. Looks like a fun little ride for $0.99!

Of course, the main reason we are posting about this is because I am so easily bought. The game’s PR team know me far too well, and so created Dtoid vs. Ekans as an example of some of the absurd nonsense Sketchnation Shooter is capable of. Yes, all you have to do to get me to talk about your game is make a vague reference to Ekans in it and then give me an EXCLUSIVE screenshot of the thing. Just when I was prepared to let the silly forced meme die as well!

Anyway, this is a thing that is happening. So, so silly …

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