Dtoid (the show) week 5: Venom Vs. Carnage Vs. Black Ops

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A lot of stuff happened this week on Destructoid (the show). Chad Concelmo and Jim Sterling both made a splash in what will hopefully be reoccurring segments, as did The Price is Right “lose” horn. We also made friends with Youtube member Akira357. As it turns out, sometimes the only thing you have to do to get someone to stop hating you is to read their comments aloud on on your internet TV show. If only I had a show like this in Junior High. I could have saved myself from two years of being called “Homeless” and “Homely”.

As for games, it was all about Call of Duty: Black Ops. We talked about other games too, like Syobon Action, Minecraft, L.A. Noir, Super Mario Bros., Kinectimals, Tetris, and many others, but the all the while, the shadow of Black Ops was hanging over our heads. Was that ever present tension the reason why our Black Ops round table (featuring Venom and Carnage) ended up being so divisive? I can’t say. I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand the whats and wherefores of that day. 

Maybe you can help me figure it all out. Check out the videos below and let me know what’s up in the comments.

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