Dtoid (the show): VGAs recap, indie game decap, and cake

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Tara got back from the VGAs extremely late last night. We had about five hours to catch up, sleep, and write the show. Hopefully we pulled it off.

In this episode, Tara gives an extremely thorough rundown of her experience at the VGAs, while I share my thoughts on the show as I perceived it from home. On Tara’s end, we have info and trailers for Elder Scrolls V, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Portal 2, Batman: Arkham City, and loads of others. On my end, we have an argument for why Super Meat Boy should have one the best indie game award at the VGAs, a look at Journey (the new game from the creators of FlOw and Flower), and a reproduction-organ-packed peek at Bit.Trip FLUX.

After that, we put our two ends together, and eat cake. It was f*cking delicious.

You want some cake too? Then subscribe to us on YouTube or iTunes (in HD or large sizes). If you do, you might win a bacon donut one of those cool new Xbox 360 controllers. It doesn’t cost you anything to subscribe, but it could net you sometime cool. Seems like your course is clear.

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