Dtoid (the show): Black Ops Vs. Kobe Vs. Armpit kisses

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In today’s episode of Destructoid, we recap the mortifying events of the Super Meat Boy charity live stream, show off a Call of Duty: Black Ops Kobe and Kimmel commercial, cringe at some leaked Black Ops Wii footage, chew on a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tongue twister, chortle at Kinect nudity and PS Move peripherals, and a bunch of other stuff.

Tara is pretty awesome in this one. As for my performance?

No comment.

Oh, and we’re still giving away that Platformer Prize Pack, which includes a limited edition Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary shirt, a Mario plushie, a Super Meat Boy comic, a Super Meat Boy shirt, a signed piece of Bit.Trip RUNNER artwork, a download ticket for the Bit.Trip BEAT soundtrack, and more. All you have to do to enter is subscribe to us on Youtube or iTunes (in HD or large sizes).

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