DTOID Show Contest: Max and Tara vs. Plants and Zombies!

If you watch The Destructoid Show (and you should), you likely saw the Plants vs. Zombies contest we ran last week giving away a few hats and figurines that the guys at PopCap Games were nice enough to send our way. Like with most activities, what began as a simple, fun contest quickly turned into something much bigger than either Max or I expected.

When we asked our viewers to draw what we would look like as either plants or zombies, I immediately noticed two things. One, it’s apparently impossible to draw a plant version of me without it having gigantic green plant breasts, and two, out of all the overwhelming responses we got – ranging from good to holy sh*t good – I felt guilty only showcasing the four winners. So I figured I’d make a proper gallery so we can all bask in the talent of our peers!

Tara Long