Dtoid PAX Contest: the moment five of you have been waiting for

The Dtoid PAX contest has finally come to an end, but I’m too busy tracking down videos and glamour shots of Ivanka Trump and Lonelygirl15 (the dead one) to care so here is a dude dressed up like Jenna Jameson’s skeleton and the winner themself to make the announcement, live from Hooters in Hollywood, California. Special thanks to Husky Hizzle for putting all this shizzle together for Dtizzle.

Hit the jump to see what it takes to be a winner and why you don’t have it.

Tristero has not only rocked the front page multiple times with his promoted community blogs and riveting romantic fan fictions, but he also jumped the gun on the finalist video which shows the kind of initiative employers are always on the lookout. Not me though, I just look for boobs and a total lack of self-worth, but that’s probably why I don’t run Destructoid.

It’s also my understanding there was a great deal of fellatio involved, but it’s still unclear as to whether Tristero was on the receiving or delivering end. With Workman around it’s a heads or tails sorta thing… Here is Tristero’s awesome amateur vid called “4 in 1 hole (part one incomplete MUST SEE) Linkin Park money cars The OC tits yellow Mega Man“. Enjoy! 

And just in case any of you are as bored as I am and can’t think of anything else to say to Jessica Chobot, here are some completely unrelated videos about two things that basically go hand in hand…