Dtoid Movie Night: Starship Troopers 2

It’s freakin’ awesome when you see a movie that’s awesome, and then somehow, the sequel is even more saucesome than the original. Yeah. That’s not what we have here this week. Starship Troopers wasn’t that great of a movie to begin with, and chances are good that the sequel we’re watching tonight won’t be any better than the original. Perhaps the right amount of action can distract us from how terrible it is? We’ll find out. Tonight, just like every other Tuesday night, we’re taking a leap of faith at 10 P.M. eastern standard time. Here’s how you can join us. 

First download Ventrilo, then gank the login info here in our forum. Install Ventrilo, make an account, grab some food, login, and you’ll see about thirty or forty of us talking in various audio chat rooms. Just wander around until someone helps you with your audio settings, and then at 10 P.M. we’ll reaveal the movie’s secret location, so try to get there a little early.

If you’ve got any extra questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments.

Tom Fronczak