Dtoid Movie Night: Pokemon movie

Here on Destructoid we love us some terrible gaming movies. When will they stop making them? Never. And we’ve made it our goal to watch every single one of them. Last week it was Resident Evil: Apocalypse, wait, was it? I’ve already erased it from my memory, too painful.

This week we’ve got the first Pokemon movie ready for 10 P.M. eastern standard time, about an hour from now. Want to join us in making fun of it? Awesome, we love seeing new people in our voice chat community, here’s how you can set it up. First, download Ventrilo. You’re half way done. Now, travel over here to our Ventrilo forum section for the login info. Install Ventrilo, make an account, use the information from our forums, and you’ll see about twenty of us talking in various audio chat rooms.

Don’t be scared, we’ll take care of the rest — once you take the first step and hop on Ventrilo, we’ll be there waiting to help you setup your audio settings. If you’ve got a microphone you’ll be talking with us in no time. And at 10 P.M. we’ll give out the location of the movie and all watch it together like the bored dorks we are. Pokemannn! If you’ve got any extra questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments.

Tom Fronczak