Dtoid hands-on: Resistance Fall of Man

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Tonight I went to a little pre-Digital Life event for the press. A few of the vendors who will be at the show were there including my friends at SCEA — friends as in, I’ve never actually met anyone from SCEA before despite being a gaming journalist for two years. Moving on.I played three levels of Resistance: Fall of Man for the PlayStation 3 and oh, what a wonderful 15 minutes that was. The game was every bit as beautiful as it looks in trailers and gameplay videos. The controls were a bit sensitive (I was told you can adjust this in the retail version), but I got used to it and was mowing down aliens with ease after that little adjustment period.Speaking of gameplay, the whole experience was just pure, mayhem-loving fun. If you’re a huge fan of run and gun, blasting sh*t to bits, first-person shooters, then my friend, you need to have or play Resistance. Color me shallow, but I love a good fast-paced, mindless shooter. And, most shocking, was how the traditional PlayStation controller felt while doing it. It was surprisingly solid and natural, unlike most of my FPS experiences on the PS2.So, overall, bottomline: Resistance appears to certainly be everything it is hyped up to be. If you’re lucky enough to get a PS3 anytime within the year, I highly recommend you pick it up, I know I will.[Editor’s note: The video above is what I was able to capture while at tonight’s event. I was told that this game will be playable at this weekend’s Digital Life in NYC.]

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