Dtoid community Child’s Play podcast extravaganza

Every year, the Child’s Play charity helps children in hospitals by providing them with toys and games to entertain them while they are sick. Since its inception in 2003, over 100,000 gamers have come together for this cause and donated over 7 million dollars in gifts. There are many ways that this money has been raised, from the highly successful Desert Bus for Hope, the Child’s Play Auction and even taking part in the Humble Indie Bundle!  

There are so many unique and inventive ways to give to this charity, and this year is no exception. Our very own Dtoid Community Podcasting crew has decided to lend a hand by recording an all-star community show for you guys to listen to in the name of Child’s Play.

Shortly after Extra Life’s 24 hour marathon, Johnnyviral decided it would be great to have Dtoid help out with Child’s Play as well and floated his idea for a charity podcast in the forums. Before long, multiple members of the community joined in and have recorded the Dtoid Community Charity Podcast. This podcast consists of 321gocast, Alcoholocast, and Robochode coming together with entertaining segments for you to listen to, mimicking the style of each other’s podcasts.

You can download the podcast here and all that is asked is that you make a donation to Child’s Play in exchange. Please visit Child’s Play and hit the PayPal link to donate some money! Find some time this holiday season to check out what makes our community AMAZING and help out with what you can! It’s all for the children!

Jesse Cortez