Let’s Clock! No seriously, that is the name of a brand new application coming to DSiWare in Japan on October 14. Despite already having three downloadable clocks, a brand new one called Let’s Clock is on the way, bringing a variety of scenery with it to make telling the time look more fun. This is simply unbelievable.

Really, can we cool it with the clocks from now on, please? This will make five clocks, and that’s not even counting the fact that the DSi already has an internal clock that doesn’t cost one thin dime. I can only assume that developers are doing this on purpose now, in some vague attempt to be ironic. If so, it certainly worked, because I laughed by friggin’ head off when I heard that yet another clock was coming to DSiWare.

Let’s Clock will join Animal Crossing Clock, Mario Clock and Photo Clock as the latest clock-based application on DSiWare. If you want to count the Game & Watch games — and obviously I do — then technically DSiWare has thirteen apps for telling the time with. 

I think you can all see the obvious problem here … DSiWare is in serious need of more clock applications!

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