DSi sales hit 3 million in Japan, 6.68 million worldwide

I remember writing a story about the DSi when it was new. At that time, many of Destructoid’s readers did not seem eager to purchase a souped up DS Lite. Even today we see some resistance. Is it the piracy thing? Are you not a fan of low-res cameras?

Well, someone’s buying them. Just a couple of days ago, Japan’s total sales of the DSi beat the 3 million sold mark. In all, that’s 3,062,920 sold in only 9 months, says Enterbrain. Does that mean that Japan has dropped their DS Lite for a DSi? Did Nintendo’s plan work? Should this give them the green light to work on the DSii?

Worldwide, since the April 2009 launch, the DSi has sold 6.68 million units worldwide. Like we said before, someone is buying these things.

Do you own a DSi? If not, do you plan to get one?

[via GamesIndustry]

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