DSi LL looks like a pocket buster in this video

I almost always have a game system on my person. Usually the PSPgo here lately, it being no bigger than a cell phone. Lately game companies seem to be releasing things that are less and less pocket friendly. Maybe they think that pockets are really freaking huge now.

Check out this video from Japanese television. In it, you can see the DSi LL next to the DSi. Look, the DSi is already a stretch for your typical pocket. Skinny jeans? Forget it. But this new system looks like a freaking laptop computer. Or a big ass make-up compact. I’ve seen more discreet surfboards. Okay, so not really, but you see where I’m going with this.

I don’t dig carrying around those over-sized game system holders either. And holding it under your arm like a clutch or an evening bag? No thanks.

I love the big ol’ screens on the LL, but I don’t even feel comfortable porting around the smaller DSi without a case. I feel like the LL is going to stay home a lot, making it pointless as a portable system for me.

For now, I’ll stick with my PSPgo and my (yes, really) Game Boy Micro.

[via altafista]

Dale North