DSi has ridiculously successful debut in the UK

Recession? Hardly! While people try and make thriftiness a fashion statement (because you can’t do anything in the West without it being “trendy”), it seems that people always have money to spare for Nintendo, throwing away their DS Lites in droves to make the DSi one of the most successful machines in town.

In the UK, the DSi has become the fourth best-selling console of all time, outselling all other currently available systems combined and shifting 92,000 systems in just two days. Apparently, a little camera and the ability to make MP3s sound all 8-Bit is exactly what Brits wanted, and now all their dreams have come true. 

I’m yet to upgrade myself, but may do in the near future just for fun. I’ve heard conflicting statements, however, as to how worth it the upgrade truly is. What do the Destructoid community say about swapping out the Lite for an i? Can 92,000 people be wrong?

James Stephanie Sterling