DSi and DS games trailer from the Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo showed off this trailer during the Fall Press Conference where we get to see the DSi and the new games coming out for the DS. Among the shots of the DSi and games, we see the new pedometer that was revealed earlier in the week.
As far as the games go, we see a mix of games that are just coming out, games that we’ll see later on and games we’ll never see here (officially) in America. The previews are pretty short, but some of the games in the trailer include Professor Layton 3, a new Wario Ware, something that looks like Mario Paint, Kingdom Hearts, a game that looks to use the Miis and give Miyamoto the scary K.K. Slider voice, and best of all, a new Mario & Luigi game!   
Once you’re done checking out the trailer, head on over to the official Nintendo DSi product page that talks about the new handheld. It’s all in Japanese, but there are pretty pictures to help you figure things out. 
So how about it, Dtoiders? Do you like the new DSi or hate it? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!
[Thanks, Gynecologist Cobra!]

Hamza Aziz