DS Famicom attachment cool in theory, chunky in reality

It’s a simple fact that I am a sucker for anything retro. Add in that it’s a DS-compatible item that’s Super Famicom themed and I’m making inarticulate squeaking noises and hurling my wallet at whoever’s in charge. Luckily, with this particular item I got to have this reaction in the privacy of my own home, and after calming down a bit, reading the details and grasping reality.

The Cyberlite is an actual Famicom attachment for the DS which allows you to play Famicom cartridges and also use it as a TV tuner. I think, anyway. Here’s the product summary for the item:

You set the FC cassette to this product directly, just install in DS Lite the FC game play possibility.In order to drive with the single three electric batteries, besides the fact that you can use, as the portable FC game machine using the AV cable of attachment, also television output is possible.We build in the speaker, load also the earphone terminal & volume.The many functions which also running fire and picture quality adjustment function load it is the commodity.

Hmmm. So it uses three extra batteries, includes special firmware which will allow me to play my Famicom games, and has a TV out. At least, that’s what I made out of the gibberish above.

I love all the functions the DS seems to be able to perform with a gadget plugged in here or there. I kind of feel like I bought one of those multi purpose slicer dicers off of a late night infomercial. Anyway, cool but ultimately heavy and probably hard to drag around. Famicom enthusiasts will probably drop a brick over it though. The page says “open price,” whatever that means. Maybe I can just name my price and they’ll send me one. Yay!

[Via Ars Technica, Thanks Aerox!] 

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