DS brings interactivity to America’s game; America’s game burps, scratches ass

Safeco Field — home of the partially-Nintendo-owned Seattle Mariners — is set to become the testing ground for a new interactive baseball experience courtesy of the Big N. The games company, most famous for its mascot-based EVERYTHING and having fans whose zealotry borders on Islamic fanaticism, has begun pitching an idea that would turn the DS into a sort of touch screen interface for things such as game footage, food services and (we hope) inspiring quotes from Bob Uecker.

The system would download a small program to baseball fans’ handheld games machine upon entering the park and if it works as planned, should make help push baseball into the new century where everything has a touch screen interface and humanity is dying out thanks to sexy robots.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of baseball (not enough tiger attacks), but if this sort of thing came to a ballpark near me, I’d catch a game just to demo the novelty of the thing. That, though, brings up the question of whether this is just a novel gimmick, or if it could take off and become a widespread part of America’s favorite past time. What say you loyal minions?

[Joe Burling once played for the Cleveland Indians. That was the worst winter of his life.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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