Drunken Robot Pornography developer talk show, live from Boston

A new live stream talk show, filmed in front of a studio audience

Tonight! A special event! I will be hosting a live stream talk show at Laugh Boston, starting 7:30pm EST. It’ll be a part of their regularly Player 1/2 event, but if it gets enough views, the show will become a reoccurring thing? That’s the plan anyway. 

We’ll be playing one of these three games, as determined by polling the viewers in Twitch chat as well as the live audience. That’s just one of the many ways we’ll be integrating viewer feedback into the show. 

Our guest for the night is Ichiro Lambe, co-creator of Drunken Robot Pornography. He’s got some interesting stories about Gabe Newell that I found shocking. I was shocked.

Tickets for the live event are still available here. The Twitch stream can be found below. Do you think I should wear a mesh tank top?

Watch live video from OfficialAGE on www.twitch.tv


Jonathan Holmes
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