Drunk woman stabs teenager over Xbox argument

A 55-year-old woman allegedly stabbed a 13-year-old boy in a drunken rage after the two argued over his Xbox gaming habits, it has been reported. Isobel MacKenzie denies the stabbing, however, claiming that the boy stabbed himself, merely to get her into trouble. 

The boy, from Inverness, Scotland, claims he was pushed into a chair by Isobel, who has already admitting to being drunk and neglecting him in the past, when the Xbox argument began. He noticed she had a knife, and when he tried to get back up, she stabbed him with it. Inverness Sheriff Court has found her guilty of the attack. 

Isobel’s punishment, however, seems very light. She’s been sentenced to 300 hours of community service, despite being told that her crime was “very serious.” So, if you want to drunkenly stab children, it looks like Inverness is the place to do it. It’s probably a national sport in Scotland, actually. 

Drunk Woman Stabs 13 Year Old Over Xbox Dispute [HotBloodedGaming via Scotsman]

Jim Sterling