Dropsy’s Jay Tholen presents Atomic Santa: Christmas Omega

A satirical sleigh ride into the weird world of paranoia culture

From the strange and fertile imagination of Jay Tholen (Dropsy the Clown) comes a very special holiday treat this Christmas season. A harrowing tale of two brave individuals willing to stand tall against the malignant status quo that is America’s insidious Modern Left and its shadowy Illuminati controllers.

Atomic Santa: Christmas Omega is described by Tholen as a “short-but-sweet festive shmup/platformer experience” in which dear old Saint Nicholas and his preternaturally radiant companion Rudolph risk it all to preserve the sanctity of Jesus Christ’s name in our beloved, but ceaselessly persecuted Christmas.

“With their nefarious scheme to remove Christ from Christmas in full swing, the Illuminati requests an alliance with the Jolly Old Elf. Santa is hearing none of it, so phone calls are made, drones are dispatched, and the North Pole is nuked.

Upon finding Santa and Rudolph’s remains, the surviving elves whisk their old friends down to a submerged facility for medical attention. With science, elf magic, and plot armor at their disposal, they successfully restore Santa and Rudolph to a stable condition. Also, Rudolph is now a nose-laser-wielding cyborg, and Santa has atomic powers.”

If you like your satire biting and your videogames silly, there’s a lot to love about Jay’s latest pixel art composition. While it’s only three levels long, it’s still a noteworthy collage of American paranoia culture in game form; and, in my humble opinion, well worth the trifling $0.99 minimum price of admission simply for the chuckles alone.

Being the delightfully Good Son that he is, all proceeds from the sales of Atomic Santa: Christmas Omega will go towards purchasing Christmas gifts for his lovely family this holiday season.

Keep an eye on your PMs later this afternoon. I’ll be making a purchase of the game at an undisclosed amount above the minimum on your behalf. To win, share with us your best and/or hilarious examples of being either naughty or nice this year and Jay’s most recent game and soundtrack will be all yours! Good luck!

Rob Morrow