Dropsy delayed until early 2015, hugs his way onto tablets

Look ma, no hands

Ringmaster of the surreal Jay Tholen recently provided an update on Kickstarter with news on his creepy/charming point-and-click adventure game Dropsy.

First, it’s being ported to mobile platforms — iPad and Android tablets are mentioned specifically, but phones may not be completely off the table. Secondly, we’re informed that Dropsy is unfortunately delayed until early 2015. Tholen is shooting for a January release date but it may come as late as February, with the backer beta on track for a release this December.

If you’re just now learning about the title, he describes it as “open world adventure game with an emphasis on surreal atmospheric elements and environmental storytelling.” It’s an almost text-free experience that has players relying on symbols when interacting with other characters. This is done partly to deal with the clown’s inability to speak as well as to emphasize the sense of not belonging that Tholen wants to impart upon the player.

I’m pretty excited about the title coming to mobile platforms, where it seems like a perfect fit, and the delay isn’t really that far off. Besides, I would much rather have my hands on a game that the designer was proud of rather than one that went out only partially finished just to meet a deadline. Take your time, Jay. I have a feeling this one’s going to be something special.

10-17-2014 Update Video! Lots of new gameplay footage! [Kickstarter]

Rob Morrow