DRM protection for Rime was cracked in mere days, so the publisher is removing it


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Rime is a nice little adventure that released this past week or so, which is about all the time most people need to absorb all of it. Others have absorbed the game in a different way on PC, having cracked its Denuvo anti-tamper software (DRM) in just five days. In response, publisher Team Grey Box is eliminating it entirely.

Speaking out on the game’s Steam forums, they noted that they were able to test out the crack and verify its efficacy, at which point they decided to just remove it. If you have Rime on PC all you need to do is accept the update, or buy the new version that comes with Denuvo removed. Grey Box also intends on continually updating Rime as new issues arise. The history of cracking Denuvo has been an interesting one. While it initially took as long as a month to break its hold on games that used it, the company has had a tougher and tougher time in the past year or so as select developers have scrambled to remove it.

Rime is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will be released eventually on Switch whenever the contracted developer, Tantalus Media, is done with the port.

Rime v1.01 update [Steam]

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