Driving Wii’s Excite Truck

Many of you have been asking to see Excite Truck, so here it is. I thought I’d give you a view of the actual gameplay and the Wiimote use. I’ve spent maybe an hour or two with the game so far, some single and some multiplayer play. Is it fun? Yes. Is it worth $50? No.

The reason I say this is because it lacks basic features you’d like to see in a game at this price. So far from what I’ve seen with multiplayer, it’s just you and the other player on split screen, no A.I. Also, there’s of course no online multiplayer, which actually would have been pretty great for this game.

But, I will say this: I do love playing it. Especially as I get my hands on it more and more. It’s a very fun pick up and play type game. There are cool turbo charges, items you run over that change the terrain, and even items that will make you go into a sort of Mario Kart star power mode.

So, should you get it on launch day? No, not for $50 — especially when you’ll be spending so much time with Zelda and already have a party game with Wii Sports. But, if the price drops or you see it bundled with something, then get it. It is a fun game, but seems like it should have been shipped with a few more options.

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