Driver: San Francisco PC delayed, Mac still in the works

Not only will PC gamers not be getting a demo for Driver: San Francisco, but the game has been slightly delayed, as well.

Publisher Ubisoft tells Blue’s News that the out-of-body racing experience will be released on September 27. This is almost a month after the release of the console versions, which hit shelves on August 30. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a typo on the initial fact sheet Ubisoft gave us for the title, and a Mac version is still being planned with a “to be determined” release date.

From what I’ve played of the open-world racer, there’s potential here for some seriously fun, arcade-style action. The ability to be able to shift in and out of other drivers’ bodies to gain control of their cars is… weird, to say the least. But it’s also a pretty good time. Let’s hope the full game holds up to that single cool concept.

DRIVER San Francisco PC Delayed, No Demo, Mac Version TBD [Blue’s News via VG247]

Nick Chester