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Choice Provisions took a chance on a sweet young boy named Gordon Midwood back in 2010 when they published his game, Lilt Line, on the Wii Shop Channel. As great as the game was, it struggled to find an audience on the console, probably because the prevailing opinion among gamers at the time was that shopping for games on the Wii Shop Channel was like buying sushi at K-Mart. No matter how great your sushi is, no one is going to eat it if it’s sold next to the the little barrel shaped bottles of multicolored sugar water and Velveeta spray cheese. 

Now Gordon and Choice Provisions are back on digital storefronts with Drive!Drive!Drive!, a driving game where you race on three tracks simultaneously. The game is currently on Steam and PS4, with a 15% off launch sale no less! As much as I love a good old traditional racing game, few of them are able to truly replicate the feeling of having way too many things to keep track of at one time that you get from real life driving. Forcing the player to keep track of three cars at once is a clever way of replicating that feeling. Seeing as the game is being sold far away from the spray cheese, there’s no reason why it should be pre-pooh-pooh’ed like poor Lilt Line was. 

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