Driveclub VR is coming in at $40

Just in time for the PlayStation VR launch

I can see a lot of PlayStation VR early adopters turning to Driveclub VR. It’s going to be one of the more substantial launch-window games, and racing cars in virtual reality is a relatively easy sell. The more novel or out-there experiences will have their place, but folks will want something built to last a while.

There’s been lingering confusion about Driveclub VR in terms of how it’s releasing and what it will cost. To be clear, it isn’t an update — it’s a standalone game. And, as confirmed by Sony today, it’ll cost $40 when it releases on October 13. That might come as a surprise, but it probably shouldn’t.

If you’re going to pass at that price, you’ll still be able to sample Driveclub VR. It’s on the PSVR demo disc. And from the sound of it, there will be some manner of discount for Driveclub season pass holders.

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Jordan Devore
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