Drive Girls looks pretty damn sweet in its first trailers

Awesome automobile action

Earlier this month we told you about Drive Girls, the new PlayStation Vita action game starring a bunch of girls that can transform into cars. It was playable at TGS, but now the rest of the world is getting a good look at the game in action with a pair of fresh trailers from Bergsala Lightweight, a developer probably best known for its work on Bushido Blade.

It very much looks like an extremely Japanese version of Transformers Devastation. I’m pretty happy with how smooth everything seems to be running. Depending on the mission variety, enemy AI, and level designs, I could see this being one of the better action games for the Vita.

The character trailer below introduces us to each of the girls you can play as and gives us a look at some of the titillation we can expect.

Drive Girls is scheduled to release in Japan this January. No western release has been announced yet, but hopefully, the teams at PQube, Xseed, D3 or any of the other niche publishers are paying attention.

CJ Andriessen
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