Drinks on Kotaku

Kotaku’s party at Barcade last Friday was for the button smashing, hipster hoppin’, drink slugging folk. Cozily nested in Brooklyn’s too-cool-for-school zone, Williamsburg, readers rubbed elbows and talked nerdy with the enitre Kotaku team, occasionally stepping aside for a good round on the ol’ DS lite. Brian Crecente and wife were never seen without a sturdy wall of gamer geeks surrounding them, Flynn De Marco handed out magical Barcade stamps that equaled happy fun drink time, and a few readers were blessed with free gaming goodies. 

Meanwhile, the selection of beer and the array of vintage arcade games (Ghosts and Goblins, Contra, Rampage, and the like) kept the many attendees warm and the atmosphere buzzing. Things I took away from the event? A quarter-less wallet, the knowledge that Zelda: Wind Waker is Editor Luke Plunkett’s favorite game of all time, cheeky photos with the editors (and ocassionally hip zombie folk), and a slight hangover the following afternoon (that subsided with a good dosage of midday gaming, naturally). 

Check out the photos for more glimpses of the Barcade Kotaku extravaganza. Blog partiez FTW!!

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