Dress up as the Big Daddy this Halloween, little sister not included

In my mind, the idea of going for Halloween as the Big Daddy from BioShock seems really, really cool. Of course, people would stare and freak out over your costume, and you’d have a good shot at winning some costume contests. Then I remember that it’s hot as hell in Miami and that I might actually die inside the costume while trying to win a contest with it. Ok, plan aborted.
For those of you who reside in cooler climates, this Big Daddy costume is actually on eBay for a fairly reasonable starting bid of $250. The seller mentions that he won two contests with it, but the only downer is that it cannot be shipped, so local pickup only. It’s in Brick, new Jersey– perhaps it’s time for some lucky guy to take a road trip?
[Update — this seller will ship the costume after all — check out the auction listing for the details.]
[Thanks, Nintendoll!]
Colette Bennett