Dreams is Media Molecule’s latest wonderfully creative game

More at Paris Games Week

“I hope this fills your head with questions. That’s natural.” That’s what Media Molecule’s Alex Evans had to say about Dreams, the studio’s latest project. He nailed it; Dreams has me wondering what the hell it is, while simultaneously knowing that I want it.

The idea seems to be that you can infiltrate anyone’s creations — “dreams,” if you will — and then spin them in your own way. Remix after remix until the original isn’t even recognizable anymore. Make it better, make it worse, make it weird — whatever you want to do. Just be creative.

We saw a polar bear family moment. We saw Beethoven pounding his hammers in the woods. You could take those and add whatever you want. Or, you could make your own original and leave the iterations to others.

There will be more at Paris Games Week. Until then, we have to use our imaginations. Something tells me Media Molecule would like that.

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