Dreamfall engine comes to the Wii

I’m a guy that really enjoyed Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. I can’t say it was at the precipice of graphical prowress, but I believed it sufficed. Today, Develop is reporting that Spinor has ported the Shark 3D engine that was used in Dreamfall to the Wii. Spinor didn’t comment if the engine lost any of its luster in the port, but I would suppose that it did. Folker Schamel, CEO of Spinor had this to say about the victory:

The console and the games designed for it have made games far more accessible to audiences of all ages and interests. Shark 3D and its proven toolset for Wii enable game developers to tap into the console’s phenomenal success easier and with far less risk.

I would have enjoyed a statement that included more high-fives and big promises, but I’ll take the veiled hint at creating better-looking games cheaply. I only hope that Spinor doesn’t take Shark 3D and make a collection of Dreamfall mini-games where players compete in a series of events to find April or discover another plane of existence. At the very least, we have an engine that could possibly inspire developers to do more with the Wii graphically.

Brad BradNicholson