Dreamcast gets modded into a boombox

Not that the Dreamcast wasn’t one of my fondest pieces of tech from the past, but melding it with another icon from my youth just brings tears of joy to my eyes. Both the boombox and the Dreamcast had their heyday long ago, and now you can remember them together as modder site xckdiy has introduced his Dreamcast/boombox mod. I’m going to put the two words together and call it a Boomcast as Dreambox doesn’t sound awesome enough.

Sadly, xckdiy is all in Japanese, and the site we got tipped from is in French (you can check out video of the Boomcast there) so I don’t know many clear details on how the Boomcast was made. Thus, I shall make them up.

The Boomcast was made by separating out the awesome of the Dreamcast and placing it in a magic box. When you shake the box it turns the awesome into something really awesome. Once that object came out it was finely crafted by a cursed chisel and hammer into what you see above. That’s clearly what happened here. SCIENCE!

Une DreamCast intégrée à la perfection à un poste Radio/CD [Nowhere Else]

Matthew Razak