Dreamcast build of Shenmue III spotted? Nah.

Ah, pictures on the internet. You can’t really trust them, can you? Sometimes wishful thinking (and a bit of Photoshop) can get the best of our imaginations. We could hope this picture (below the jump) is real. Unfortunately I don’t think it is.

Apparently there was a Sega blog post that pointed to pictures of a Sega storage room. I can’t find this blog, but we do have a link to Sega of America’s Flickr account. In it, there’s a picture of a bunch of spindles of Dreamcast builds, and Gemaga says that one is a build of Shenmue III. Sorry, I’m just not seeing it. Even the 2848×2136 image shows nothing of the sort. F*ckers.

It’s not a total bust, though. For fun, browse through the Sega storeroom photos in our gallery below, which supposedly feature every Sega game ever made.

Hit the jump to see the offending ‘shop. Send hate mail to Gemaga if you wish.

Dale North