Dream Daddy is a hot dad-on-dad dating sim from Game Grumps

‘Are you ready? Hi ready, I’m Dad’

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator was announced yesterday on Daddy’s Da–erhm, Father’s Day (thankfully I get gifts on both). It is exactly what it sounds like. From the Steam page: “you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads.”

You’re a dad and you’ve just moved to a small neighborhood where, by coincidence, everyone else is also “a single, dateable Dad.” Dads abound in Dream Daddy. “Teacher Dad,” “Goth Dad,” “Bad Dad.” You can ask any one of them if you can borrow a feeling. Now, whether or not any of these dads eat crackers, I don’t know, and frankly I don’t want to know.

Here’s what Dream Daddy boasts:

  • 7 dateable Dads
  • Dad character creator – Create your Dadsona!
  • Multiple endings per-Dad
  • Voiced by the Game Grumps and friends
  • Written by Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray
  • Artwork and pinups by Shanen Pae, J.N. Wiedle, Anna Pan, Tyson Hesse, Ellen Allsop, Evan Palmer, Ego Rodriguez, and many more!
  • Original score by Jesse Cale
  • Dad-themed mini and micro games throughout each date path
  • So many Dad puns. Like, to the point where it made us all uncomfortable
  • Secretssssssss.

Dream Daddy will be out out July 13.

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