Dragon’s Dogma hits $17 in new summer sale round

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We’re entering phase two of Green Man Gaming’s 2016 summer sale with a focus on RPG titles. Now the sale isn’t exactly 100% the RPG genre, but the noteworthy titles are at better pricing than what Steam was offering a few weeks ago.

Case in point is Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. During the Steam sale, we saw the price drop from $30 to $20.09. Not bad for the popular 2016-released PC port, but in GMG’s sale the price drops further to $17.29 — now a new historic low price.

While GMG also includes plenty of 2K/Gearbox titles such as Battleborn and Borderlands, at this point if you’re going to spring the money for any of these you should just check out the latest Humble Bundle, which is way better in value by far. (We didn’t bother listing those titles below for this very reason).

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