DragonForce Track Pack coming for Legends of Rock

If you’re one of those two people on the Internet that can actually play “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert get ready for stardom yet again. The next Track Pack for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will contain three DragonForce songs that are guaranteed to blow up your fingers and scare your mother. The songs included are “Revolution Deathsquad,” “Operation Ground and Pound,” and “Heroes of Our Time.” They’re being marketed as “the most challenging riffs to date” and I’m quite prone to believe that.

Being a guy that struggles on the Hard difficulty, I can only sit back and appreciate those that can play these lightning fast songs. DragonForce is the culmination of my Guitar Hero frustrations. The challenge and speed almost make me sick to my stomach. Regardless of my issues, The Track Pack is set to hit Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network store August 21.

Brad BradNicholson