Dragon Tamer for the DS uses man in underpants with recorder for promotion

Coming straight out of the “it’s too early in the morning/late in the day/noon in the noon for this kind of nonsense” box, here are some photographs from the filming of a commercial for new DS game Dragon Tamer: Sound Spirit. I don’t care how good the game is, the above photograph (as featured in Famitsu) is enough to sell me not only the title, but anything else that Nintendo is offering today. Honestly, does it matter what Dragon Tamer is about when a man in snazzy underpants is wearing a sash and dancing around for our sick, perverse amusement?  I think not, though I was curious anyway.

I did a little light reading on this title to discover that it’s a monster breeding and fighting game like one of your traditional Pokémon knock-offs, except it uses sounds to create creatures. Think Spectrobes, but hopefully not as disappointing and with a more interesting mic feature. Apparently one of the available attacks is a “Katamari on the rock” as well. The sound gimmick explains why the subject of our pictures is holding a microphone and playing a recorder. It doesn’t, however, justify the sash and the starry underpants.

James Stephanie Sterling