Dragon Quest Wars announced for DSiWare

Could it be true? Could it be that DSiWare might finally be getting a game worth downloading? Square Enix is certainly hoping so, as it has today revealed Dragon Quest Wars as a 500 Point download for the service.

As you might expect from a DSiWare title, the portable download is not quite as grand and sweeping as more traditional RPGs in the series. Instead, DQ Wars takes the form of a board game where four classic Dragon Quest monsters team up to take part in simple battles against as many as three opposing teams, controlled either by AI or human players. You’ll also be able to take your team online. 

Dragon Quest Wars is being developed by Intelligent Systems, the team behind Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. That’s some solid strategy pedigree, so this could well be a very worthy download indeed. The title’s currently slated for a Japanese launch date of June. We’re still waiting for Western news on the game, so here’s hoping Nintendo doesn’t do what Nintendo does best, and screw us filthy roundeyes over.

Jim Sterling