Dragon Quest Monsters looks so delicious that I might try to eat it

  God, I love the DS. I love it. I love it. I’m not sure I have ever purchased as many games in a mad white heat as I have for the little portable Ninty. See above for some footage from the upcoming Dragon Quest Monsters. These games kill me with their quirky personality and awesome nods to the Dragon Warrior games of the past.

If they keep up at this rate, DQ is going to overpower the Final Fantasy series. Yeah, I said it, and I’ll tell you why — DQ is becoming the funnier, more accessible series. While FF takes itself more and more seriously with every chapter (each of these yielding several spin offs that no one seems to want to actually play), Dragon Quest takes themselves less seriously and have more fun with each entry. (See Rocket Slime DS for most recent display of mad awesomeness.)

Anyway, I talk too much. Watch the badass video and ignore my prattle.

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