Dragon Quest monster keychains are ready for your keys

People who have a billion keychains dangling off their keys are crazy annoying. Why does anyone need so many damn key chains! It doesn’t make sense. I get irrationally angry about it. However, if I saw someone rolling around with these Dragon Quest crystal keychains all over their keys I might cut them some slack… maybe.

These keychains are available on Hobby Search. Aside from the adorably cute Slime that is sure to be everyone’s favorite ever there are 22 kinds of figure models. They come in sets of 12, however, which is one of those annoying things that makes you like them a little less. And don’t be fooled by their crystal-like appearance, these are actually made out of PVC. Boxes cost ¥4,200 but you can currently nab them for ¥3,570 or about US$43.36.

These won’t land until late February, but there’s no sense in not ordering as many boxes as possible so you can make sure you get all of them. Then when you walk down the street with 22 keychains flooding out of your pocket I’ll try really hard not to punch you.

Dragon Quest crystal monster keychains are classy cool [Tomopop]

Matthew Razak