Dragon Quest meets Hawaiian apparel? Yep, you heard me

I love Dragon Quest, and I have to admit I have quite a bit of Dragon Quest merchandise around the house. My absolute favorite item is my Hori controller, which I rarely use because I don’t want to get the little guy dirty, but it makes my gaming room that much happier. I guess Square Enix wasn’t content to stop there with the happy products though, because they have just unveiled a whole line of Dragon Quest apparel which includes, shirts, hats and even a Hawaiian shirt featuring happy slimes.

Open for preorder at Amiami, the line is priced between $23 -$48 and features three t-shirts, two hats and the hilarious tropical button down. It’s all slated to come out this July. You won’t be able to order them from Amiami unless you live in Japan, but if you keep your eye on the ever-reliable Hobby Search, I’d guess they will probably pop up for preorder there in the next week or so. I think the green shirt is my favorite….

[Thanks, Andres!]

Colette Bennett