Dragon Quest IX only has one save slot: Everyone PANIC!

Here’s a bit of odd news for you. Usually, you can expect three save slots for almost every DS game out there, but it’s become apparent that Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX will only allow you to have one at any given time. Now that’s hardcore.

The intel comes courtesy of Dragon Quest IX‘s back cover, which was leaked online recently. In the bottom right hand corner is a warning that says “Only one save game can be created.” Certainly unusual stuff, and should make the game even tougher and create a real sense of urgency in the player’s choice.

Latter day DQ games are known for being challenging and limiting the player, so in some ways I am not surprised by this news. However, this also essentially means that friends cannot share the cartridge, with only one player able to use it at any given time.

Something tells me that Square Enix isn’t worried about that little fact in the slightest, though.

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