Dragon Quest IX gets torn apart, Square Enix shrugs it off

You’d think the Dragon Quest series could do no wrong, but despite DQIX‘s ridiculously huge Japanese success, there are haters. Japanese consumers have been ripping the game a new arsehole on Amazon, despising the game’s character customization, cutscenes, costume changes and female character Sandy. Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada, however, doesn’t really care. To him, this is just another day online.

“Because it’s the internet, well, that’s the Internet for ya,” shrugs Wada. “We were telling the game creators ‘Don’t worry about that. Regarding likes and dislikes, there are good opinions and bad opinions.”

By all accounts, Dragon Quest IX seems to be actually quite good, and there could just be a few hundred morons upset over some little things and going on a rampage. We’ll have to wait and get our own hands on it to see. If we don’t like it, however, Square Enix better not come knocking on our door over a bad review. It’s just the Internet!

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