Dragon Quest Heroes free DLC adds new character, costumes

Over delivering on value

Dragon Quest Heroes is already out in Japan — thankfully, it has also just recently been confirmed for a Western release — and its first wave of DLC is on the way. And it’s all going to be free.

First up is the Arena Battle and Alena and Kiryl Sub-Story. Clearing the Arena will unlock Alena’s original costume from Dragon Quest IV while clearing the sub-story will unlock different colored costumes for both characters.

The following week is the Demon Sworsdman Battle and Jessica and Yangus Sub-Story. Beat him and Psaro becomes playable, plus there are Jessica and Yangus costume alternates to be had. There are three more non-detailed DLC named: Gods of Destruction and Slaughter Battle + Terry Sub-Story, Greatest Demon Beast Battle + Bianca & Nera Sub-Story, and Great Demon Lord Battle + Maya Sub-Story.

It’s not bad for free, weekly updates. I’m hoping and assuming we’ll get it all free, too. Maybe it will just end up bundled in the Western release?

First Dragon Quest Heroes DLC announced [Gematsu]

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