Dragon Quest Builders 2 will release before the end of the year in Japan

Building for a 2019 western release?

While I wasn’t able to play Dragon Quest Builders when it released in 2016, the community members of Destructoid seemingly loved it as it was all they could talk about in the community Discord for a few weeks. So of course I know most of the community (and a writer or two) is excited about the upcoming release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, even if it is only the Japanese release at this time.

Earlier today, a Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube account streamed an hour and a half long promo for the upcoming release, the biggest news was what the game would be released on December 20th of this year in Japan. A new promo trailer was also released that you can see in the timestamped replay of the stream below.

The game will release in Japan on Switch and PlayStation 4 with a price point of ¥8,424 for the Standard edition, and ¥10,476 for the base game and all planned DLC. Players who pre-order the game will receive a “Slime Tower Recipe.”

While there isn’t any word on a definitive release date for the west, if it is anything like the first game, we can probably expect the western release around the midway point of 2019.

Japanese Nintendo [Twitter]


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