Dragon Quest Builders 2 brings the sandbox to Steam in December

If you build it, they will come

A year after it first launched in Japan, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is finally getting a PC port. In July, it came to PS4 and Switch in North America and Europe. At the time, CJ gave it a hearty recommendation, but not quite the standing ovation the first game got. Soon enough, PC players will get to see what all the fuss is about.

Square Enix added a Steam page for Dragon Quest Builders 2 that places its release date as December 10. It’s priced at $60 and will come bundled with all the content that has released on the console versions thus far. Of course, it’s equipped with both the JRPG singleplayer campaign and the four-player online cooperative.

For anyone who’s intrigued but not sold on DQB2, there’s a method of trying it out — albeit on a completely different platform than PC. Square Enix recently released the Jumbo Demo, which grants access to several hours’ worth of DQB2. However, it’s only on PS4 and Switch. Still, maybe it’s enough to convince some people that they want the full thing on PC. Just note that progress won’t transfer over to the full game like it will on consoles.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 [Steam]

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