Dragon Quest and Mario characters team up in Itadaki Street DS

Japanese magazine Shōnen Gangan has revealed some new images of Itadaki Street DS.

If you’re not familiar, Itadaki Street is a computer board game designed by Dragon Quest creator, Yuji Horii. It originally appeared on the Famicom in the early 90s, and found success on other consoles including the Super Famicom, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Sony PSP.

What’s interesting about the Square Enix published/created Itadaki Street DS is that it not only features Dragon Quest characters, but also a full roster of Nintendo characters as well (including Mario, Waluigi, and more). The game will be released next month in Japan and will probably not see a US release.

Feel free to import it, but unless you have a reasonable command of the Japanese language and you don’t mind playing Monopoly with a slime instead of a boot, you’re not missing much.

Nick Chester